Services Marketing – Certified Marketing Consultant Themis Sarantaenas


Create memorable experiences to your customers.

When a customer hears of your business he is in anticipation of the experience. That is to say, he starts imagining how he will enjoy the service and what he will get out of it. When visiting your business and after receiving the service he wishes,

he confirms the experience. He may be satisfied or the contrary. The next time he will be in need of the same service he will reminisce the memory of the experience he had in your business place. If the memory is a positive one then you have earned yourself another sale.

Services need special handling because:

  • they are intangible
  • they are definitely related to the human factor (sales assistant)
  • they are immediately produced and consumed
  • they are tricky because the consumer takes part in the shaping of them

If you have a business providing services, I can help you:

  • Track down the correct target group to which you should aim at
  • Differentiate yourself from existing competition
  • Create memorable experiences to your customers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Train your personnel properly so as to maximize their productivity

Improve the quality of your Services and increase your turnover!

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