Internet Marketing Strategy – Certified Marketing Consultant Themis Sarantaenas


I can help you use the Internet as a gateway for clients to your business.

Every business needs to have web presence as it is an easy way to be tracked down by your customers, get informed about you and contact you as well. Besides, nowadays, most of the people are in possession of smartphones & iPhones and thus, navigation and Internet search are made easy and direct.

Don’t forget that by having web presence it’s like being open 24/7 even if you don’t have an e-shop! Communicating news to your customers via an electronic newsletter can be done both in an easy-going manner and at a low cost as well.

Tip: The secret of success in Internet Marketing is the existence of a strategy.

Content Services

Having vast experience on creating content (a basic ingredient of the web/internet presence) as well as being a prolific published writer put me in the position of collaborating with you in the following 2 levels as a whole or more specifically/separately:

  • Monitoring and editing the social media of your business (Facebook, Twitter, You tube) as well as providing content for them.
  • Blog creation and article writing to inform your customers about the object of your business. Read my blog as an example of my work (Supported languages: Greek, English and French)

Inbound Marketing:

  • How can you have an integrated presence on the Internet which brings in customers?
  • How can your online presence enhance current promotion approaches of your company?
  • Which tools do you need?
  • Helping out in finding the appropriate collaborator for S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Helping out in finding the appropriate collaborator to manage the AdWords campaign by Google Social Media
  • Let me design for you the Internet Marketing Strategy that will increase your sales!

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