B2B Marketing – Certified Marketing Consultant Themis Sarantaenas


Build profitable business relations with businesses as clients.

Marketing is not only confined to products and services that are immediately directed to consumers. It also consists one of the most important functions of businesses which supply other businesses, craft firms, public companies, foundations and financial institutions with products and services.

(E.g. ingredients for patisserie/confectioneries, importing products from abroad & selling them in Greece, medical equipment etc.) Most of the times the secret of success lies with good salespeople. Together, we can plan the commercial strategy as well as the tools that they need so as to sell successfully!

Tip: The secret of success of a good marketing plan is the correct internal and external analysis of the situation.

B2B Marketing is characterized by the following factors:

  • Building an interpersonal relationship
  • Optimum profit for both parties involved
  • Extensive sales procedure and a bigger cycle of resumption of sales
  • A need of training and product reputation
  • Targeted market (by the customer) based upon his profit

I can support you by:

  • Resolving, evaluation and method of payment of the salesperson
  • Creating a commercial strategy and goal setting
  • Creating methods of approaching customers without employing a salesperson
  • Creating a plan for maintaining customers and increasing sales
  • Creating a strategy for introduction to new markets
  • Providing support in the sales procedure

Find the strategy that will increase your sales!